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X Large, Split, Single Pack – Grade A Premium Elk Antler Chew for 50+ lb Dogs – Naturally shed from Wild elk – No Mess, No Odor – Made in The USA



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ELKHORN PREMIUM CHEWS ? ?The Best Nature Has To Offer?
Single Ingredient: 100% all-natural elk antler hand-collected from wild elk in the USA.
Nature?s Best: We select only Premium, Grade A antlers to create our chews. Grade A antlers are the highest quality antlers available on the market. Our antlers are picked off the forest floor soon after hitting the ground and before they become bleached or cracked by the damaging effects of sun and wind. Grade A antlers are more dense, less likely to crack or splinter, and retain the maximum amount of flavor and nutrients for your pet.
100% Natural: All of our antlers are collected from wild, free-range elk in the USA ? never from farms. Our antler chews are all-natural and contain no additives, preservatives, hormones, or fillers. We collect only natural sheds that have already dropped to the ground ? no animals are ever harmed.
100% Renewable: Every year, bull elk naturally drop their antlers before growing a new set. This process ensures a renewable and sustainable supply of healthy dog chews year after year.
100% Healthy: Elk antler chews help to clean teeth and remove tartar, are gluten free, and are an all-natural source of nutrients including protein, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc. Elk antlers have a bony outer layer that makes for a long-lasting treat, and a tasty inner marrow that your dog will love.
No Odor / No Mess: Elk antler chews are odor free and will leave behind no greasy or sticky residue. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will make it right?guaranteed!
Disclaimer: All of our chews are cut from naturally grown elk antlers. Variations in size, shape, weight, density, texture and color will occur.

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Elkhorn Premium Chews


Elkhorn Premium Chews