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TreatPod Leash Treat Holder and Poop Bag Dispenser – 2 in 1 Dog Waste Bag Dispenser and Treat Container Pouch, Includes 15 Eco Friendly Extra Strength Bags



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Color:Blue2 IN 1 TREAT CONTAINER AND WASTE BAG DISPENSER TreatPod Dispensers allow you to conveniently carry waste bags and treats on the go! Treats can be stored below the waste bag dispenser via a strong and secure twist off compartment. A GREAT TRAINING AID! Treats are a great way to reinforce good behavior during potty breaks or training sessions. TreatPods allow you to continuously reward good behavior anywhere and everywhere. EASY TO ATTACH The easy to use included clip is extremely versatile and built to work with all leashes. Simply clip the dispenser onto your leash to securely attach it. AIRTIGHT AND WATERPROOF TREAT COMPARTMENT We hate soggy or dried out treats. TreatPod guarantees an airtight and waterproof fit- guaranteeing treats stay fresh! EXTRA STRONG UNSCENTED ECO FRIENDLY BAGS INCLUDED One roll (15 bags) of TreatPod Eco friendly Bags included with each TreatPod Dispenser! PRO TIP: TREAT STORAGE OPTIONAL! Don?t need treats for daily walks but want to have the option for treats on longer adventures? TreatPod Dispensers are designed to be functional even without the bottom treat compartment. Simply unscrew the bottom treat compartment and leave it behind. Then reattach it once you need it again!

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