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TheDoorLatch Adjustable Door Latch. Keeps Dogs Out of Litter. Holds Door Open for Cats. Super Easy Installation. Cat Door Strap. Dog Proof Litter Box.



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Size:Adjustable 3.5′ to 4.5′ openingADJUSTABLE DOOR LATCH FOR YOUR PETS and KIDS This latch is meant to hold a door open for cats, and allow better air flow in your house, but keep dogs (20+ lbs) and toddlers out. The latch keeps a gap of about 3.5′- 4.5′. (Door Sizes vary.) It is an effective replacement for baby gates in interior doorways in your home. It is made of stainless steel and is virtually indestructible. Included with the purchase is a transparent strip of UHMW Polyethylene to protect the edge of the door, and reduce friction. Increases air flow in your home, a swift breeze won’t close the door. The latch is passive, meaning it will always latch the door. Very convenient one handed operation. Door can fully open, and be fully closed. Installs with screws to the inside of the door jamb, no visible screws from the room. No sticky pads to rip off, pushing on the door will not overcome the latch, and no unsightly straps hanging from your door. And best of all, the door will never be ‘accidentally’ shut. You have to purposely close the door every time. (No more cats digging under the door in the carpet…) Small business in Benson, NC. All materials for the latch are US sourced, and the product is manufactured in Raleigh, NC. Patent Pending

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