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The Dog?s Bed Original Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed & Cat Bed, Small to XL, Premium Quality Calming, Anti-Anxiety Nest Plush Bed with Spare Covers/Blankets Available



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Size:XL Bed (45 Inch Diameter)?|?Color:Steel Grey Plush THE BED FOR DOGS LIVING THEIR BEST LIFE Our mission: to produce beds that pass our Quality of Life Test: beds that contribute positively to your dog?s health, happiness & overall wellbeing. The Dog?s Bed Sound Sleep – designed to help dogs to sleep more soundly. Sleep is key for your dog?s health Sleep deprivation can cause: + whining & crying at night + disorientation during the day & impaired ability to perform routine tasks + a build-up of stress hormones + aggression & behavioural issues + a compromised immune system, increasing infection risks A good bed like The Dog?s Bed – Sound Sleep is vital for a healthy happy dog. We?ve put a lot of effort into Research & Development to help you to do the best you can for your dog. A design that appeals to your dog?s nesting instinct If your dog paws at their bed or curls up when they sleep, they?ll love The Dog?s Bed Sound Sleep which has bolsters & will make them feel less vulnerable. Curling up retains heat & is a tactic your dog’s wild ancestors used to shield their organs from predators. A bed with sides helps to satisfy this aspect of your dog?s nesting instinct & makes them feel secure. Quality is the keystone of our brand To meet our quality standards & yours, we use premium materials to produce our beds. Quality has been verified by two international third party companies specializing in inspection, testing, verification & certification. We conducted in-use tests with dogs who have a tendency to pace at night or dig at their bed to design a bed to improve dogs? quality of life by helping them to feel secure & comfortable at night & help them to sleep better. The Dog?s Bed Sound Sleep has been designed to last We maintain rigorous quality controls to ensure that a product of the highest quality is delivered to you in perfect condition.

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