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ST?NICK Handheld Anti Barking Device & Ultrasonic Dog Bark Repellent Training Multi-Functions Pet Anti-Barking Silent Commands Distracts Attention Calm Audible Deterrent Safe to Use Indoor & Outdoor



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This dog repeller is equipment for dog owners! You can use it as a tool to discipline your dog. It stops unwanted behavior like barking, use Bark Control device to intervene and correct the pet.All you need to do it insert a battery, and you are good to go. It sound wouldn?t disturb you as only dogs can hear it. Moreover, it also has a flashlight which can serve a good purpose in many situations. Its size makes it portable and convenient to use.Our ST?NICK Can work with most dogs because he emits special constant sound, for your dogsOur pattern can attract attention to approximately distance 6 feet away (effective up to approx. 20 feet)Clearly the sound of the anti-barking device can give to the practice of one week until the pets learn, for your trainingYou and your neighbors are not a huge fan of their barking. So we created an anti barking device that teaches them not to bark, by gentle annoyance! And, tones and sound are all it takes!MULTI-PROBLEM SOLVER:Whining, yelping, crying and howling. If your dog or puppy is making a noise, the microphone picks it up. To test it, just turn on it and you?ll see! Comes with a Sensitivity Adjust so you can choose to activate at loud or quieter dog noise. And if you?re wondering whether it picks up other dogs? It?ll only do that if they?re close and loud.Note:1. Our anti barking may not be effective on dogs with hearing problems. 2. Anti barking dog repeller cannot be used for dogs under six months. 3. This product is not intended to provide protection against aggressive dogs. 4. Different dog breeds may react to the ultrasonic sound differently. 5. For more efficient, please use the product as a training aid, along with other pieces of training tools. Be patient during this training process. Package: 1 x ST?NICK Repeller Power: Uses one 9V Alkaline battery (without battery battery)1 x Instruction

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