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Sequoia Reptile Under Tank Heating Pad – 110V Terrarium Heating Pad Warmer Heater Mat with Temperature Control for Reptile ?



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Size:11”Wx11”LOperation Introduction: ?This type of product is with simple adjusting switch for constant temperature from 0? to 35? (if precise temperature is necessary, please use it in collocation with thermometers), which is proper in conducting heat source for reptiles (gecko, hermit crab, spider, scorpion, hamster, lizard, snail, horned frog, turtle, pet snake, etc), amphibians and varieties of arthropods. 1. Assisting in the temperature adjustment for a safe and balanced temperature distribution. Low power consumption, appropriate for those animals that tend to hang themselves or cling to the wall or the ones using sun-heated surfaces (e.g. Twigs, desert, woods) as the heat conductors. The bottom heater simulates such situations in heating its own bottom, but it?s noteworthy that cool enough places shall be preserved for the animals to choose when it?s necessary to adjust the heat by themselves. 2. Safe and durable! There is no possibility that your precious will be shocked or burned. When using, it is advisable to put some newspaper beneath the heating pad, or to put some bark chippings or the like that can keep warm and wet above the heating pat, so that the heat can be provided upward exclusively, and thereby achieving the optimal effect of the heating pad without any heat running-off. It is common that there are a few scratches on the pad surface, which does not affect ordinary use of it. 3. The product is water-proof and moisture-resistant, but it?s inadvisable to put it into water directly! It?s advisable to dry or clean the product when its surface gets wet or dirty!

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