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Pet Naturals of Vermont – FLEA + TICK Repellent Spray, 8-Ounce



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Protect is a natural flea and tick repellant formulated by nature. Protect combines Brazilian oils derived from certified forests which act as a natural force field to shield pets from unwanted pests. These oils have been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Amazon forest to keep pests from detecting a desirable sent. Protect contains Lemongrass Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Sesame Oil and Castor Pet Naturals Flea+Tick: Fleas bite. Ticks suck. When dogs and cats want to be in on the action, human fear of flea and ticks can stand in the way. Pet Naturals Flea+Tick is a formula made of all-natural oils to protect pets from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies. The Natural Difference Pet Naturals Flea+Tick contains Brazilian oils from certified forests. Both humans and primates (and even some birds) have used oils found in nature as insect repellent for thousands of years. Amazonian indigenous tribes have made use of these oils for centuries, keeping pests from detecting the desirable scent of the tribe members? skin. Pet Naturals Flea+Tick works in the same way, preventing pesky bugs, even flies, from smelling an animal?s scent. Flea+Tick contains no drugs or synthetic chemicals, instead utilizing lemongrass, cinnamon, sesame and castor oil for protection. No Nagging Fears Pet Naturals Flea+Tick presents no known toxic effects from animals licking their skin. In addition, this product is safe for use on beddings, clothes, or other items with which the pet comes in contact. Flea+Tick can be applied to collars or grooming tools that can soak up the oils. Takes All Kinds Flea+Tick is safe for use on puppies and kittens, as well as grown cats and dogs. It is recommended for outdoor adventurer pets to support protection from not only fleas and ticks, but also those bugs that dogs and cats can actually hear buzzing?pesky flies and mosquitoes. Whenever, Wherever Because Flea+Tick is available in either a spray repellent or a 45-count package of pre-moistened towelettes (for outdoor excursions and easy application), it affords the user ultimate convenience. Flea+Tick Spray and Wipes offer a pleasant, refreshing smell and include clean, natural and non-sticky ingredients.

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