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Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning Pet Grooming Hair Deshedding Brush Tool Small Dogs Cats Short to Long Hair



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Size:SmallThe Pet craft Self-Cleaning pet grooming Deshedding tool safely and efficiently removes loose hair and undercoat without damaging your pet’s topcoat. Regular grooming of your pet’s coat will keep it clean and healthy, and time spent grooming increases the bond between you and your pet. Our Deshedding tool is easy to use. Gently brush in the direction of your pet’s hair growth with smooth even strokes. Apply light pressure allowing the weight of the tool to do the work for you. Be careful to avoid sensitive areas around the face and paws. Mats will stop building into a grooming headache and removing undercoat, and loose dog or cat hair will only take 10 minutes, leaving your Doggy waggling its tail and your kitty purring happily! Our Deshedding tool is also easy to clean. All you have to do is to press the button and the bristles will retract, then remove the hair from the grooming tool. Our Self-Cleaning pet Deshedding tool comes in two sizes: Small and large. The large size is Great for dogs and large cats, and the small size is perfect for small dogs and cats. Both brushes are ideal for short, medium, or long pet hair.

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