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Penn Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier and Basking Platform ? Decorative, Functional, and Naturally Inspired ? Large Size (Model Number: REP603)



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Reptology presents the Floating Turtle Pier and Basking Platform by Penn-Plax. This pier floats slightly above the waterline inside your tank. This feature allows your pet to rest and eat outside of the water. In addition to providing a better view, it also allows for more interaction between you and your favorite friend! Secure Supports: The pier?s platform rests upon 4 pylon supports that are attached with suction cups that connect to the bottom surface of a tank. For a strong and secure bond, please clean and wash the suction cups with water before placing inside tank, as well as the contact areas at the bottom of the tank. The cleaner they are, the stronger the bond! Easy Access for Pets: The docking ramp allows your pet to easily climb onto the upper level of the pier. Furthermore, the pier?s platform has a built-in gravel bin that?s used to counterbalance the weight of your pet as they enter the ramp. *Gravel sold separately. Decorative & Naturally Inspired: In addition to serving as a basking platform that allows your pet to dry off and regulate temperature, the Reptology Floating Turtle Pier also satisfies their natural instinct to hide and rest underneath. This piece is great for terrariums and other reptile habitats that don?t have water. Additional Info: The Reptology Floating Turtle Pier is designed for tanks that are 20 gallons or larger. The Basking Platform measures 16? (D) x 11? (W) x 1.25 (H), In addition, the pylon supports are adjustable in height, from as low as 3? for setups without water, and up to 16? with water.

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