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Oiibo Reptile Humidifier, Double Extension Tube, 2 in 1 Joint, Suitable for Reptiles, Amphibians and Terrarium (2.2 Liter Tank)



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Pattern Name:FoggerOiibo humidifier is perfect for pets requiring a moist environment. Our humidification system is one the key accessories for many exotic pets, and is the perfect fogger for reptile and amphibians of all kinds, including bearded dragons, geckos, snakes (ball python, rainbow boa, red tail boa, reticulated python, green tree python, etc.), turtles, tortoises (Russian, red footed, etc.), iguanas, lizards, chameleons, water dragons, frogs, toads, hermit crabs, and a variety of plants (including orchids). No filter needed. Features – Work silently with large capacity volume creates comfortable odorless air moist environment – Hold up to 2.2 liters and easy to refill water – Two tubes design can fit two tanks at the same time as your need – Compatible with a variety of enclosures as terrarium, vivarium, tank, cage, vision cage, aquarium, reptarium, or plastic/PVC/glass cage. – Perfect for a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians, such as green iguana, bearded dragon, gecko, snake (python, boa, etc.), turtle, tortoise, iguana, lizard, chameleon, water dragon, Rhinoceros Beetle, frog, red-eared slider, toad or hermit crab. – Dry-off protective system will automatically shut off with red LED light on when runs out of water. NOTIFICATION Please use water under 40? Package Included 1 x Main Machine 1 x 2L Water Tank 1 x Joint 2 x Extension Tube(Black & Transparent) 1 x Fogging Cover 4 x Suction Cup 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Plug

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