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MagnaGard PLUS Gastric Support Supplement for Horses with Omega 3s, 4 lbs – Promotes Digestive Health, Provides Vital Minerals



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1 month supply of MagnaGard gastric support supplement with Omega 3s. Great daily supplement for performance horses including barrel horses, dressage, rodeo, etc. MagnaGard is a natural edible clay from the montmorillonite family which has been used for decades to promote better gut health for horses and other animals. It naturally contains many essential trace minerals including calcium and magnesium. MagnaGard Plus also contains camelina oil, a healthy oil high in Omega 3s and antioxidants. EXCELLENT SOURCE OF MAGNESIUM and other important trace minerals. Magnesium is a natural calmer and helps reduce stress in horses.
SUGGESTED USES: Feed 2 scoops daily (2 oz) in either AM or PM feed. May also be fed 4 hours before event as a calming support and gastric buffer.
TIPS FOR PICKY EATERS: If your horse won?t eat MagnaGard, try mixing it in the feed with a good amount of water. You can also try adding some flavor (apple sauce or aloe vera juice usually work well).
MagnaGard is an excellent supplement for:
Ulcer relief Calming
Hoof health Coat health
Digestive issues (it’s an effective toxin-binder) Colic prevention
Electrolytes INGREDIENTS: Montmorillonite clay (bentonite), virgin camelina oil
GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Calcium 4.0% (min) 5.0% (max), Salt 2.5% (min) 3.5% (max), Magnesium 0.8% (min), Potassium 0.7% (min), Sulphur .08% (min), Phosphorus .04% (min), Carbon 2.1%, Iron .39%, Manganese .04%, Copper .002%, Omega-3 Fatty Acids 2.0%, Omega-6 Fatty Acids 1.0%

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MagnaGard PLUS


MagnaGard PLUS