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Size:MediumThe KONG Tug toy is great for those epic games of tugging with the waggy one who pulls hardest. Made with all-natural durable KONG Rubber for a stretchy, durable toy that springs back into shape for tons of twisty tugging action. Comfy handles make it easy for you to keep hold as you enjoy interactive play sessions.Amazon.comTugging is one of a dog’s most instinctive activities. In the wild, it’s an important part of how packmates feed cooperatively, and in domesticated environments, it’s a great energy expender for the active, playful canine. But it’s important to carefully control when, how, and where a dog plays tug with a human. One of the most crucial factors is to have a toy dedicated to the game, so dogs won’t think it’s OK to start tugging on your socks or the leash. With this innovative, dual-material toy, Kong brings their legendary quality and durability to the game of tug. Flexible and super-strong grips are made from Kong’s proprietary rubber formulation, while the rings feature durable nylon construction. Original ‘Control-Flex’ technology prevents the toy from snapping back into one of the players’ faces, promoting a safe, controlled version of a game that can sometimes get out of hand. The Kong tug measures 16-1/4 by 5-1/2 by 3/4 inches and is suitable for all sizes and breeds. –Mary Park

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