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K9 Choice Melatonin for Dogs 3 mg Chewable Peanut Butter Flavor 120 Tabs



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Please note that the label for this product has recently changed. From the makers of K9 Choice and K9 Select Brand Melatonin: introducing our new K9 Choice Peanut Butter Flavored Chewable Melatonin. Now with 20% more! Each bottle contains 120 tabs of 3 mg chewable tablets in a peanut butter flavor that dogs love. Melatonin is reported to be an immune system booster. Melatonin also inhibits two enzymes needed in the production of Cortisol (a stress hormone), thereby effectively reducing excess Cortisol levels. Melatonin is a well known antioxidant. When used in conjunction with Lignans, melatonin works to manage the symptoms of ailments associated with heightened Cortisol levels by lowering the amount of Cortisol in the body. To reduce cortisol in adult dogs: veterinarians recommend giving 3 mg (1 tablet) of melatonin every 12 hours for dogs under 30 lbs and 6 mg (2 tablets) of melatonin every 12 hours for dogs over 30 lbs. For separation anxiety, fireworks, stressful events, or sleep, give 1 tablet about 1 hour before the event. For a list of our complete products, including similar items in different dosages, visit our amazon storefront link at

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