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Coat Defense Drying Paste for Horses



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Size:24 ozCoat Defense trouble spot drying paste for horses effectively treats summer sores, sweet itch, mud fever, scratches, rain rot, girth rot, girth galls, proud flesh, insect Bites. Simply apply Coat Defense paste to the affected area. Coat Defense clay-based formula draws out moisture from the affected area, effectively killing parasites, bacteria and fungi on contact. Coat Defense is easy to apply. The thick, sticky formula adheres instantly to trouble spots. No complicated instructions. Just smear it on. Works regardless of when or how it is applied. Say goodbye to scrubbing! The ingredients in Coat Defense are 100% non-toxic, Talc-Free and contain no synthetic, caustic or irritating chemicals. Ingredients: baking soda, arrowroot powder, bentonite Clay, cornstarch, witch hazel, hemp Seed Oil, oil of peppermint. Coat Defense is proudly made in the USA and is fee- and used-compliant. What’s in the paste? Baking soda: one of the safest and versatile substances pH balancing, Anti -fungal; dissipates odor on animals, humans, and equipment (helmets, saddle-pads, boots, wraps, etc.) on contact. Arrowroot powder: a silky, soft and slippery powder that is pH balancing, moisture absorbing, and protects against rubs and chafing. It can absorb moisture without drying out the skin, making it perfect for absorbing sweat. Bentonite Clay: draws out of the skin heavy metals, toxins, bacteria and fungus that cause infection and inflammation. Cornstarch: moisture absorber possessing Anti -inflammatory benefits, soothing itchy skin and calming rashes, Bites and burns. Witch hazel: has Anti -inflammatory, antibiotic, Anti -oxidant, and analgesic properties. Stops itch, reduces pain and can prevent swelling. Hemp Seed Oil: has Anti -inflammatory and soothing effects. Nature?s perfectly balanced oil Containing 80% of the essential fatty acids required by the Skin to maintain its integrity and function. Oil of peppermint: valued for its properties.

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