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Choco Nose H128 No Drip Guinea Pigs Water Bottle Best Small Animals Wire Cage Dispenser Waterer U.S Patent Leak-Proof Nozzle Pets Crate Drinker Bunny Rabbits Ferrets Hamsters Critters BPA-Free 11.2oz



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Color:BlueWhy Choco Nose H128 U.S. Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle? Are You Tired of Changing the Wet Bedding for Your Pet Cage? This Is The Best Small Pet Water Bottle For Your Beloved Pets. Providing A Wet-Free and Mess-Free Living Area For Your Furry Kids Is Very Essential. Choco Nose U.S. Patented Leakproof Nozzle Can Prevent Water Leakage Effectively. Our Innovative Design Allows Your Pets to Enjoy Clean and Fresh Water While Keeping Your Home Clean and Dry. – Mini-Sized Nozzle Is Recommended For Guinea Pig, Ferret, Hamster, Bunny (Nozzle diameter: 10mm) – User-Friendly: Easy To Attach Or Adjust To Pet Carrier, Travel Kennel or Small Animal Wire Cage. – Eco-Friendly Water Nozzle Can Fit Most Regular Sized PET Bottles.- BPA-Free. – Made in Taiwan. **Very Important Product Instruction** – Please Train Your Pet To Use the Water Bottle. – Please Change Water Everyday To Ensure Your Pet Enjoy Fresh Water.- Please Check the Nozzle After Every Refill By Tapping The Metal Ball Inside The Nozzle Until Water Comes Out. There Will Be Air Bubbles Shown And The Pet Water Bottle Is Ready For Your Beloved Pet To Use. – Do Not Squeeze The Water Bottle Under Any Circumstances. – Do Not Over Tighten The Screw-on Bracket. – Please Rinse Or Wash The Water Nozzle To Remove Dirt Or Dust At Least Once A Week. Choco Nose Pet Parent SupportChoco Nose Really Cares About Our Pet Parents And Their Pet’s Satisfaction. Please Don’t Hesitate To Send Us A Buyer Message Or email US Which Can Be Found At The Back Of The Packaging If You Have Any Questions About The Product. We Will Always Stand Behind Our Product And Do Our Very Best To Assist You.Enjoy A Happier And Easier Pet Parenting With Choco Nose. Thank You So Much.

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