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Catit Triple Action Cat Water Fountain Filter



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Style:2 PackThe?Catit?Triple?Action?Fountain?Filters?are designed to help remove odors, impurities and filter out debris from the cat water bowl. The cat fountain filters help soften the minerals like magnesium and calcium in tap water to help prevent urinary tract diseases,?a common health issue for cats. The mesh material is also great in preventing any large debris from getting in the cat fountain water bowl, which keeps the cat water fresh and clean. These cat water filters require very little maintenance; we recommend that you replace the filter each month with a new one in order to keep cat water dish full of clean water. A water fountain for cats is a great way to complete your cat feeding station and promote your cat to drink more water. In the wild still water is an excellent breeding ground for nasty bacteria that could make a cat ill; running water on the other hand, is much safer and is why most domestic cats prefer to drink it. The?Catit?Triple?Action?Fountain?Filters?are suitable for the?Catit?Senses 2.0 cat drinking water fountains – 3 L/100 fl.?oz. The cartridges are authentic cartridges made by?Catit?for Catit?products.?Catit?is focused on creating?cat enrichment?toys for all cats especially indoor cats.?Cat toys for indoor cats?should encourage a cat?s natural foraging and hunting behaviors. Our?Catit?Senses 2.0 line has created a wide variety of?cat?toys, with this in mind.?To keep your cat interested, you need to change their toy set-up?often,?Catit?Senses 2.0 is the only interactive cat toy series that allows you to create new and exciting setups for your cat, quickly and easily!?Each toy was designed to activate and stimulate your cat?s unique senses,?all in one fresh, green style to match any home interior, no matter the arrangement.

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