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AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food



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Size:26 poundsDogs show love and enthusiasm at any time of day or night. But at meal time in particular, your pet’s joy truly comes out in full force. Packed with an optimal balance of flavor and nutrients, AvoDerm Natural Adult dry dog food helps your pet’s coat shine just as brightly as their smiles. Avocados are the main source of the incredible taste and nutritional value of AvoDerm Natural dog food products. Much like meals for adult humans, each hearty bite of AvoDerm Natural Adult dry dog food contains a tasty mix of different foods and flavors. Your pet can get all of the nutrients an adult dog needs in all-natural food with an easy-to-chew order to prevent itchy skin and other symptoms of food allergies, your dog should have more than one type of meat-based protein in their diet. Our mouthwatering dog food formulas feature a variety of hearty meat bases, as well as an optimal and tasty balance of essential vitamins and nutrients. The AvoDerm Natural Original Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe is an appetizing combination of protein, minerals, healthy fats, and other key nutrients for lasting pet health. Whether your pet comes from a large or small breed, AvoDerm Natural Adult dry dog food formulas will ensure that your dog looks and feels great from head to tail.feed your dog AvoDerm Natural Adult dry dog food recipes on a regular basis to maintain health and nutrition from the inside out. With an appetizing scoop of our Original Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe in their food bowl, your dog’s love for mealtime is sure to growing they will look All the better for it! About AvoDerm AvoDerm premium dog and cat food formulas are loaded with high quality meat proteins, wholesome grains, antioxidant nutrients plus vitamins and minerals for inside health and California avocados for healthy skin and coat on the outside. AvoDerm is formulated and produced by Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods. An industry innovator in new product development since its early days of providing high quality, diet-specific foods to breeders and zoos, the company is regarded by the industry as one of the purest, premium makers of natural pet foods for dogs and cats. Although many of its products were developed for specific pet health concerns, all are intended to be used as ongoing preventative care in adding longevity to a pet?s life. Why Avocados? Nutrient-dense and high in crude fiber, avocados aren?t called the ACE of fruits for nothing?vitamins A, C and E are there in abundance, as is B6. Avocados are also rich in folate, potassium, niacin, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients essential to good skin and coat health as well as good overall health. The right nutrients in the right proportions are indispensable to keeping your dog’s or cat?s skin healthy. Remember, skin and coat problems are never just cosmetic. Symptoms such as hair loss, thinning coats, dullness, dry skin, thickened skin, matted hair, infections and odors can usually be traced back to either a shortage or an excess of a specific nutrient. In fact, there is no more visible indicator of problems with your dog’s or cat’s overall health than problems with his skin and coat. Fortunately, many of the nutrients your dog or cat needs for a healthy skin and coat can be found in rich amounts in the remarkable fruit known as the avocado. Adult Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe AvoDerm Adult Lamb Meal & Brown Rice provides healthy balanced nutrition for your adult dog. High quality ingredients ensure that you are providing the optimal nutrition your pet needs. No Corn. No Wheat. No Artificial Colors. AvoDerm has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant nutrients to help protect your dog’s immune function. AvoDerm is formulated to be rich in high quality fats and oils with a balanced Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acid ratio. The right nutrients in the right proportions are indispensable to keeping your dog’s skin healthy. Sometimes shortages or excesses of specific nutrients can lead to thin, rough coats. Avocado and avocado oil can help support the skin and coat from the inside out for the protection your pet needs. Feeding Directions This chart is only a guideline. Switching to AvoDerm Natural When switching to AvoDerm, we recommend that you switch your pet over slowly. This is very important so you don?t disrupt your pet?s digestive pattern. Changing foods will often cause vomiting or diarrhea if not done correctly. Therefore, we recommend a 5-day transition before you begin feeding AvoDerm exclusively. The switch is an easy transition that includes both AvoDerm and your pet?s old brand. For the first two days, feed 20% AvoDerm and 80% of the old brand. For the next two days, feed 50% AvoDerm and 50% of your pet?s old brand. On day 5, feed 80% AvoDerm and 20% of the old brand. On the 6th day, you can feel confident feeding AvoDerm for the rest of your pet?s life.

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