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AUPCON Vet Wrap Cohesive Bandages Bulk Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap Self Adherent Wrap Non-Woven for Dogs Pet Animals & Ankle Sprains & Swelling 2 Inch x 5 Yards



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Color:6 Rolls 5cmAUPCCON Self Adhesive Bandage Can Be Used In Horse, Dog, Cat. Protect joints of people to relieve swellingAs the first aid supplies and as the vet wraps in life ADVANTAGE ? Cohesive Bandages made of Non-Woven Material and latex free, prevent skin irritation. ? Vet Wrap are individually poly bagged,clean and refrain from dust.? Self adhesive tape only sticks to itself not to skin, cloths and hair.? Self adhesive bandages made non-woven materials and allow for breathable so the skin can breathe underneath.? Self adherent bandage is easy to cut or tear by hand, thin yet strong, soft, self sticking,support,high comfortable,breathable,lightweight.? Vet Tape are strong and provide excellent support. It is also flexible enough and when used properly, it will not cut off circulation. Applicability ? Self adherent bandage sticks to itself so works great on Animal of paws, legs and places that you can wrap the bandage around. Plus, it is super easy to remove. ? Vet Bandage can be used for the dressing of pets,keep him from licking it to allow time for healing,wrapping feet to hold gauze in place, Being active the tape didn’t move or fall off.? Soft Cohesive Bandages fix joints and prevent muscle strains to correct the movement posture to relieve the pain that offer excellent support.? People of Fingers, toes, elbows, knees, feet, any part of the body what bends,eapecially for joints and Other parts of the body is not easy to dress will benefit from this wrap tape.Applicable to all parts of the body.? Self adherent bandage also used in some use tools, such as knives, hammers, fishing rods, the handles of crutch,baseball, racket handle, etc.? First aid self adherent cohesive bandages are individually wrapped. It’s convenient putting a few in emergency bags. Recommended for one-time use, not act directly on the wound

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