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Arm & Hammer Super-Absorbent Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits & All Small Animals | Best Cage Liners for Small Animals, Control Pet Odors, 7 Count



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Style:7 CountThe Arm & Hammer name has been trusted for over 100 years for gentle yet effective cleaning. Arm & Hammer Care for Pets brings those same cleaning methods to our companion animals, making it easy for pet parents to provide natural cleaning solutions that work. Arm & hammer brand super absorbent cage liners keep your small pet?s cage tidy and clean so that you and your family can enjoy your pets without the odor. Get your Arm & Hammer Super-Absorbent Cage Liners for Small animals and keep your pet and your home smelling fresh. Please note that liners are meant to be used beneath bedding, not as a replacement for bedding, therefore the small animal’s feet are protected from the grates. Directions: Trim to fit cage tray, if necessary. Place liner underneath wire or mesh grate, shiny side down. Replace when soiled. Warning: Do not use in cages without wire or mesh grate over waste area.

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Arm & Hammer For Pets


Arm & Hammer For Pets