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Ageless Sinew Liniment by Dimmak Herbs | Tendon and Ligament Healing | Sinew Herbal Formula | Spray Mist System ? 2oz



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Dimmak Herbs Ageless Sinew possesses potent Chinese medicine herbs that work most effectively when applied directly to Sinew injuries. *Sinew is another word for ligaments, tendons, cartilage, & stringy muscles, and can often be considered as a single source of strength or power. Due to sinews not having their own direct blood supply, our all natural sinew liniment performs by moving in fresh blood, while warming the sinew. The result: Quick Healing Action Pain Free Treatment Soothing Relief Dimmak Herbs Ageless Sinew has many uses, including the treatment of: Over-stretched muscles & ligaments Tendinitis Herniated disks Carpal Tunnel Tennis elbow ACL and other knee related pains Ankle injuries & more! Please Note: Ageless Sinew Liniment should be used after initial inflammation has Receded, about 1-2 days after injury. Dimmak Herbs is a California based producer of high quality Easter and Western medicinal herbs. All of our products are lab tested, made from 100% natural ingredients and organically sourced. Please note that our Chinese herbs are grown under strict quality (organic) standards, while all of our Western herbs are USDA certified organic.

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