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ACANA Dog Puppy & Junior Protein Rich, Real Meat, Grain-Free, Dry Dog Food



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Size:25 lbACANA heritage puppy & junior dog food is a wholesome, Biologically Appropriate food Based on the evolutionary diet of canines. This grain-free, nutrient-dense dog food is modeled after the meat-rich, varied diet that dogs have naturally evolved to eat. With 60% fresh, premium free-run turkey and chicken, wild-caught Flounder, and cage-free eggs, ACANA puppy & junior dog food delivers all the proteins and vitamins your growing dog needs to be happy and healthy. Half of the meats used are delivered fresh (refrigerated, without preservatives) or raw (flash-frozen, without preservatives), while the other half are dried to provide a concentrated and natural source of animal proteins and fats. The remaining 40% of the ingredients list comes from fresh fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, with zero included grains, potatoes, or plant protein concentrates. This protein-rich dog food is ideal for all breeds in all stages of life. Because your dog is a beloved member of the family, ACANA insists on using only Biologically Appropriate ingredients that help them thrive. Dogs have evolved to eat the same diet as their ancestors, which is why ACANA dog food is packed with raw and fresh meat, high in protein, and free of starches and additives that Mother Nature never intended for your pet. Made exclusively in our dog Star kitchen, Our grain-free dry Dog food features regional ingredients that supply nutrients in their most natural and nourishing form. Each ACANA food also follows the whole prey philosophy, mirroring the quantities of meat, organs, and cartilage or bone found in whole prey animals. The result is a nutritious, delicious dog food that empowers your dog to live a healthy, happy life.

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