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100pcs Dog Nail Caps, VITCHY Glitter Colors Pet Dog Soft Claws Nail Cover for Dog Claws with Glue and Applicators, 6 Size



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Size:XXLApplication Steps: (We recommend 2 People’s Work) 1)Test size fit or not: Try on the nail cap without glue to ensure a proper snug fit. 2) Make sure fur and claws are separated. 3)Trim dog nails and leave sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly. 4)Fill each nail cap a little glue, only glue the nail part(about 1/3 of the cap), wait till half dried, then slide the cap on. (Please be careful and avoid dropping glue on your hands or your dog?s fur, if you do, remove it with use nail varnish remover or dispergator immediately. ) 5) Observe your dog for 5min and you’re done! Notes: 1, Different breeds & sex & ages will be of big difference, you need accurate weighing and then choose size according to our size chart. 2, Most dogs will like their new claws, but some dogs will reject. Generally, after wearing for the first few times, they will get used to them and without any discomfort. 3, Different dogs, different movement and location (such as cement, grass, or floor, carpet), etc., different wear rate of the nail caps. Some wearing 3-5 days may wear out. Some can wear 1-2 months or even longer. 4. Addition,The dogs’ nails have scalability, it is recommended that you leaving a little gap out when stick the nails, so that dogs nails have Activity space. We appreciate your kindly understanding. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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